Is Airsoft Safe For Kids? How To Keep Kids Who Play Airsoft Injury Free and Having Fun

With the growing popularity of Airsoft guns and organized Airsoft wars many parents with kids interested in the sport often wonder is Airsoft safe for kids and as a parent what can I do to help? Below we will look at the hobby of Airsoft and go over some basic safety gear. So keep reading to learn more about the latest rage in combat sports!

A truthful answer to the question is yes you can be seriously injured by these guns when they are not properly protected and when they are used the wrong way. Areas like the eyes and teeth are very prone to injury and are the common areas where people suffer injuries. Injuries are rare however and often only happen to young or inexperienced players playing without the proper safety gear or supervision! But the good news is there is tons of safety gear on the market designed to protect these areas from injury.

Safety gear like approved full seal Hakkotsu X-eye goggles, lower face protection such as the Hakkotsu iron face lower are recommended and work very well to protect the teeth. And for younger players under 16 a full face mask is our recommendation. Long sleeved clothing, full length pants and proper shoes will also protect players skin. Using this safety gear while playing Airsoft will just about eliminate the chance of injury.

Another one of the best ways to keep your kids safe when they are playing Airsoft is to only let them play on an actual field that was purpose made to host these events. These fields will have staff on hand to monitor the games and make sure everyone is playing safely. They also do equipment checks to make sure everyone is properly protected and that nobody is using a weapon that is to  is something that does not happen in so called backyard games where many of the injuries you hear about occur.

If your kids are going to play Airsoft you must also take an active role and supervise them and make certain the are playing in a safe responsible manner. Letting young children run around with fully automatic BB guns unattended is not a smart move and will drive up the chance of injury. One of the best ways to supervise the kids is to start playing yourself as it is a very exciting and fun hobby/sport to become involved in and can be used to teach kids team work and responsibility!

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