One Of The Best Toys For Kids 2010: Moon Dough Magic Barnyard

Looking for the best toys for kids, 2010? There are so many to choose from, so I’m going to start with one that’s been on all the holiday “hot lists” this year: the Magic Barnyard.

What Is This Toy?

The Moon Dough Magic Barnyard allows little ones to create barnyard animals made of dough. The dough never dries out so it can be used as often as you like. Simply place the dough into the top of the barn give a quick turn of the handle and seconds later a cool animal shape comes out the entrance.

It also features molds to make fences and hay for the horses. There are over four different barnyard animals and three bags of hypoallergenic dough. To get the most out of the barnyard experience it is best for children to play on clean and smooth surfaces such as counters or tabletops. Because this dough never dries it can be stored away in an airtight bag for fast clean up.

More Ideas For The Best Toys For Kids, 2010

In addition to the Moon Dough Magic Barnyard children will also love the pizza kit for more imaginative play. It also comes with the dough, moldings to create fun pizza toppings and a pizza maker. This special dough is a fast favorite and is perfect for fast clean up and easy storage as well. There is also the puppy kit to create furry little friends. Also includes molds to make treats and other cool accessories for puppies. Dough refills are sold separately.

Parents will enjoy how much fun children will have creating fun animal shapes. Children will enjoy how many shapes they can create; they will love how many times they are able to use the dough. It never dries out, which is great for hours of imaginative play. Read a Moon Dough Magic Barnyard review before you get started, because it’s not generally recommended for children younger than three years old because of the small parts.

This holiday season get all three to spark your child’s imagination or try another favorite this year. Easy clean up makes this the perfect choice for parents, which is the reason it’s been touted as one of the best toys for kids, 2010. It’s perfect for children with allergies as it is wheat free and hypoallergenic. Children will appreciate the colorful and fun dough. It comes complete with a molding barn, bale of hay mold and the fence mold. Three bags of colorful moon dough are great for hours of creative fun.



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